Summer Carrot Soap with Mint & Lemongrass Essential Oils

What do I do with all these carrots?! Why… make soap of course! Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, carrot soap makes a great facial cleanser and body bar said to increase collagen and fight acne, naturally! Pamper your skin and invigorate your senses with this all-natural aromatherapy soap and its pleasant, uplifting blend of peppermint…

12 Reasons to Grow Your Own Herbs!

There are so many reasons to decide to grow your own herbs. Expense, availability, freshness, health, and the advantages they provide in the garden are just a few of the reasons we cram as many herbs as we can into our growing space. Whether you live in the city and have only a small patio…

Beard Care Kit Giveaway… We have a Winner!

Everybody who knows us knows by now that we love a good GIVEAWAY! And because we just introduced a new product, our Western Red Cedar & Herb infused Beard Oil, and because Father’s Day is this month, we thought we would get you guys in on the fun with a little celebration…

Click here to ENTER this June’s PNWfromScratch – Beard Care Kit Giveaway!

Going on in the PNW from Scratch Organic Garden – May 2016

It is May and summer is here, already. We went from a wet, rainy, miserable March – and the wettest Pacific Northwest winter on record – to a hot, sunny, record-breaking-80’s April. The change happened so fast! Almost overnight. It feels like we skipped Spring again this year! Not sure what happened to our April showers, but…

Hood Canal Saltwater Cedar Soap GIVEAWAY… Happy Traveler Days!

Our little town on the Hood Canal (Union, WA) celebrates every spring with Traveler Days, the period between Earth Day and Mother’s Day and we decided to get in on the fun with a giveaway for a bar of our all-natural, handmade Hood Canal Saltwater Cedar Soap!

Save Money: Mix up a Bulk Batch of Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF)

Every year since making the switch to organic, we try to shave a little off our gardening expense by mixing up our own bulk batch of ‘Complete Organic Fertilizer’ or COF. Once you have your ingredients together it only takes a few minutes and is so nice to have on hand for the gardening season.


I can tell we are going to love this shampoo bar before I even get the batter into the mold. The pungent aroma of cedar held up straight through the cooking process. I almost decided to leave this bar ‘naked’, and let the western red cedar shine through on its own, it smells that good. But I had already decided on a combination of essential oils to boost this soap’s natural hair care power.